Structural Engineering

Practical Approach. Sound Results.

Our clients are frequently challenged to maintain or adapt their facilities to meet changing needs
on limited budgets. Whether repairing, renovating, or expanding an existing structure, or
constructing a new one, clients have come to depend on CES to develop a sensible
solution to every project.

CES recently acquired Mohlin & Company, which specializes in the practice of structural engineering providing innovative and practical design solutions for the power, industrial and commercial industries.

Our expertise in structural design include all aspects of building construction including foundations (pile, floating mat or spread footing) and buildings in steel, concrete, precast/prestressed concrete and timber.

For our industrial clients our experience in providing design of retrofits to existing old “mill” type structures allow economical renovations when equipment and processes demand upgrades to new technologies. For our power generation and paper mill clients our expertise in design of heavy support structures for boilers, turbines, FD and ID fans, SCR and Precipitator structures combined with our experience working with equipment vendors and process engineers insure timely, economical and practical solutions to design problems. Utilizing our skill in the art of “Fast Track” design insures timely response to the needs of “shutdowns” and other time critical schedules. When appropriate, Mohlin’s knowledge of both design and construction permits us to take a project from feasibility study to substantial completion and to establish total building costs at an early stage.

From foundations to complex structures, our knowledge of materials and their application
for every environment allow us to give you a sound, long-term solution.

Our range of services includes:

  • Structural Design
  • Construction Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies
  • OSHA Compliance Design
  • Material Handling, Monorails/Bridge Cranes
  • Precast/Prestressed Concrete Design
  • Design-Build Services

Serving as Project Managers, we offer the following additional services (utilizing a proven team of subconsultants):

  • Process/Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering and Design
  • Industrial HVAC Engineering and Design
  • Geotechnical & Material Testing


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