Whether you are a municipality or a developer, the goals of planning and economic development
are the same. By analyzing problems, comparing alternatives, and developing strategic
solutions, CES, Inc. can help to guide your future in attractive, healthy, and efficient ways.

We understand that plans can take many different forms based on the needs of a particular
situation.  CES provides planning assistance to help find the right balance between personal
goals, neighborhood concerns, community assets, funding limitations, and regulatory
constraints. Planning takes preparation and our team has a wide range of experience with
preparing the following plans:

Downtown Master Planning

A vibrant downtown is one of the most important indicators of a healthy community. We have
experience working with many communities on various downtown master planning projects
including asset identification, economic development plans, facade projects, streetscape
projects, transit, organizational structure, and implementation strategies.

Waterfront Master Planning

The waterfront is often the center of commercial and recreational activity in a
community. Finding the appropriate balance of uses is an important planning function. Our
Planning Team has worked with several communities to evaluate uses and design future plans
for waterfront growth and development. Plans have included new transportation alternatives,
marine structures, recreational paths and park spaces, ordinance changes, and development

Site Analysis

Understanding the existing opportunities and constraints is an important step in planning future
options for use or development of a site. This process can include a review of existing codes,
environmental conditions (wetlands, soils, habitat), topography, accessibility, and hydrology.

Site Planning and Design

Our Planning Team works collaboratively with our engineering staff to help our clients determine
project goals and site design options. These discussions can focus on site programming,
building siting, internal circulation, site access, and others.

Economic Development Planning

One of the main goals of economic development planning is to create and maintain a strong,
vibrant, local economy. Economic development plans consider a community’s assets such as
supporting land uses, transportation, and existing initiatives. They should also be closely related
to an overall comprehensive plan. We have experience in creating economic development plans
that can provide a comprehensive overview of the economy and identifies strategies, programs,
and projects to improve the economy.

Grant Writing and Administration

Finding funding for a project can be an important part of the success of any planning
initiative. Our Planning Team offers a diverse range of services to assist with this process,
including identification of funding sources, proposal development and writing, and grant
submission. We also work with client to administer grants upon award.

Stakeholder Participation

Community and stakeholder participation is critical to the success of any planning project and
design process. We have experience working to develop effective public participation processes
such as community workshops or charrettes, public forums, surveys, facilitated group
discussions, and in-person interviews.

Municipal Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning is an important tool in directing future growth and understanding
growth patterns. Our team can assist a community in developing comprehensive planning
elements such as land use, transportation, housing, and public facilities, open space, and
implementation strategies.

Public Policy and Development Tools

Our Planning Team has experience with an array of public policy and development tools
including zoning and land use codes, overlay district guidelines, growth management, grant
writing, and other strategies.

Streetscape, Transportation, and Infrastructure Planning

Streetscape planning along with transportation and infrastructure design are two of the most
important elements within communities. Thought must be given to traffic and pedestrian
movement, adjacent land uses, and streetscape and landscape materials. We can assist in
developing streetscape plans and transportation/infrastructure strategies that positively impact
land use, future development, environmental concerns, and financial reality.

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