At CES, we have applied our expertise in hydrology, material resources, and near-surface
geologic processes to both environmental investigation and natural resource development.
Say the word “geologist” to someone, and the almost immediate and universal reply is either
“rocks” or “oil”—but its much broader than that.

The actual scientific discipline we know as geology is comprised of a host of specialized sub-disciplines such as geophysics, sedimentology, geochemistry, glaciology, and hydrogeology. The application of these and many
other sub-disciplines allows us to understand the framework within which we must work to
solve environmental problems or develop and utilize the Earth’s natural resources. Whether you
are developing a new source of drinking water or are attempting to locate and design a landfill, it
cannot be done successfully without first completing a thorough geologic investigation.

Given our specific background in hydrogeology and surficial geology, we look forward to
providing services related to groundwater supply development, natural resource management,
geologic hazard avoidance, and environmental impact investigations.

Groundwater Supply Development

  • Location of high-yield industrial and commercial water wells
  • Water well design
  • Design of aquifer pumping tests
  • Aquifer mapping
  • Aquifer characterization and analysis; fractured crystalline, karst and porous media
  • Location and development of spring water sources for bottled water


Geological Hazard Analysis and Design Support

  • Slope stability analysis, preventive measures for mass wasting
  • Evaluation of potential negative effects of development in at-risk environments
  • Flood plain identification and planning
  • Erosion and sediment control measures
  • Stream dynamics


Materials Inventory and Resource Planning

  • Construction material mapping and inventory
  • Material feasibility determinations
  • Mineral resource development
  • Resource utilization planning


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