Eastport Port Authority Port Expansion

Project Facts:

Eastport Port Authority, located in Eastport, Maine, operates the easternmost shipping port in the United States and boasts the deepest natural water of any port on the east coast.

CES has been assisting the Port with various expansion projects at its two sites (Estes Head and downtown Eastport) since 2009.

Projects have included:

Creation of a seven acre storage area and a conveyor system for the purpose of exporting and importing bulk materials at Estes Head location. (CES services included survey, natural resource mapping, civil design, environmental permitting, and construction monitoring.)

Construction of a new 30,000 square foot warehouse at Estes Head location. (CES services included survey, civil design, and construction monitoring.)

Monitoring of breakwater collapse at downtown location. (CES services included survey of existing conditions for design, prior to collapse, and monitoring of the 1985 pier section, post collapse.)

Dredging of inner harbor at downtown location. (CES services included survey, environmental testing and permitting.)

New Port Authority office building and visitor center at downtown location. (CES services included survey, civil and structural design, and construction monitoring.)


The Port’s Estes Head and downtown locations are both active sites with dynamic needs. Combined with the requirement to integrate numerous local, state, and federal stakeholders, project planning and coordination efforts are in high demand on each Port project.


CES’s wide range of services and knowledge of local conditions has provided the flexibility needed to meet each challenge as it arises.