Your transportation and traffic projects require solutions that consider the implications of safety, efficiency, and scale while also acknowledging the influences of the geographical layout of existing roads, walkways, adjacent land uses, regulations, and social considerations. Traffic engineering and transportation planning combine the principals of engineering and planning with an understanding of social behavior and transportation systems. Our staff exercises this knowledge by offering concrete solutions that successfully maintain safe and efficient interaction between motorists, pedestrians, and other modes of transportation.


  • MDOT Traffic Movement Permit
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Access Management
  • Road and Infrastructure Design and Signage
  • Traffic Impact and Management Studies
  • Corridor Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Pedestrian Studies
  • Peer Review
  • Traffic Calming
  • Site Distance Evaluations
  • Recreational Trails
  • Site Circulation Studies
  • State and Municipal Permit Applications